All About the Supplementary Hydrogen Oxygen Generating System

NEW! Hydrogen Oxygen Generating Systems ( H.O.G.S ) saves you money at the bowser.

The SUPPLEMENTARY SYSTEMS are for existing Diesel engines or Mobile Machines, Boats, Trucks and 4 wheel tractors.

Petrol Prices Sky High Monitor Showing Soaring Fuel Expenses

Our NEW Hydrogen Oxygen Generating Systems increase the burning efficiency of your engine, and therefore produce very low emissions, reducing carbon gases in our atmosphere, including a huge reduction in the usual mix of exhaust gases.

The HOGS will lower fuel consumption and increase power from your engine by allowing your engine to burn all the fuel you have paid for. It does this by converting distilled water to Hydrogen and Oxygen, which is introduced to the air intake system.

So what exactly is a supplemental HOGS?

Hydrogen Oxygen Generations Systems are known as Supplemental Hydrogen generators.
A supple-mental hydrogen generator is basically a tank that holds distilled water and an electrolyte, such as potassium hydroxide.

For the Occupational Health and Safety Report please CLICK HERE

The purified water is charged to induce electrolysis, which separates the hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

The hydrogen and oxygen that has been released is then collected and forced into the engine through our unique deliver system and air intake system. The added oxygen increases the octane level of the fuel.

Once the supplemental hydrogen is added to the fuel mixture of the engine, it helps increase the flame spread during the combustion process, and thus makes the burning process faster and cleaner.

This way more of the fuel is burned, more power generated, and less waste is produced after the Intake-Combustion-Ignite cycle has take place.

Supplementary Systems are quick and relatively easy to fit, not to forget that they are small and cheap

The Nature of Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the simplest, lightest element in the universe. It is made up of a one proton and one electron.
Hydrogen being 14 times blighter than air, when Hydrogen Fuel is released into the atmosphere, it dissipates immediately upward, making it very safe.
Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, making up more than 90% of all matter. On Earth, it is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s surface.
In its normal gaseous state, hydrogen is colourless, odourless, tasteless, and it is non-toxic.
Fuel Savings with a Hydrogen Oxygen Generation System installed.
The addition of hydrogen injection to a normal fuel injected, spark ignition, petrol fuelled, engine will not likely increase its efficiency unless it is operated primarily under ‘stressed combustion’, e.g. not during the ‘idling phase’ of an engine.

However the benefits of hydrogen injection can be taken advantage of by manipulating the operating parameters of the engine.

Reasons To fit a H.O.G.S

As soon as you fit a hogs system you stop wearing your engine out
You will be burning all your fuel, no wastage
Almost all the fuel is burnt, much less unburnt fuel is pushed out the exhaust and low oxides and carbon emissions
The engine needs to be serviced less regularly, you have the number of oil changes and tune ups, much lower running cost of the engine or vehicle.
No need to subject yourself to loud engines. H.O.G.S creates a quieter running engine
on maintenance, running expenses and fuel plus the engine has a longer life span. There is no need to replace the engine thus saving huge amount of money
By fitting a secondary H.O.G.S system we can really make a huge reduction in emissions for both older and newer vehicles. It is possible to make engine designed in the 60’s meed euro 6 emission tests.We will be able to almost have a 98% elimiation of hc and the harmful carbon emissions, our results are superior to diesels using blue and after burn and exhaust purifiers systems, We have developed a h2 after burn system to clean the exhaust gases and reduce all harm full emissions.
In recent months through our work shop we have found a big big problem with all diesels, especially the new common rail direct injection diesels is carbon build up in side the engine . Which is leading to very expensive repairs or even engine replace ment. When a hogs system is fitted this problem is almost completely eliminated through complete burning of the fuel.
Much lower exhaust temperates at engine temperature drop is relative to combustion efficiency gains.
A petrol engine produces the greatest torque with a stoichio-metric air/fuel mixture, but can be much more efficient when run with an ultra-lean mixture, especially at cruise throttle settings for the following reasons:

  • The ultra-lean mixture opens the throttle further and reduces the vacuum in the engine manifold that causes the engine to use up horsepower to suck the combustion air into the combustion chamber.
  • The ultra-lean mixture reduces the horsepower used in sucking in the air.
  • Running an ordinary engine with an ultra-lean air/fuel mixture is the job of the Hydrogen Oxygen Generation System (HOGS). Everything possible must be done to prepare the mixture to combust.
  • The fuel heater heats the petrol to the highest possible temperature without causing vapour problems within the fuel injection system, so that when the hot fuel is injected, more of it will vaporise. The fuel vaporising system vaporises more fuel that is brought to the engine through the evaporative emissions control system.
  • This combination vaporises as much fuel as possible to prepare it for combustion (liquid fuel does not combust until it is vaporised).
  • The hydrogen injection accelerates ignition of the vaporized fuel at the moment the spark plug fires. This forces the ultra-lean air/fuel mixture to ignite when normally this lean of a mixture would simply misfire.

Hydrogen Oxygen Generations Systems

A HOGS system with up to 1000 litre of pure water and up to 150-175kva 100-150kva and 75-100kva gensets. All diesel engines are refurbished and generators checked and serviced to make as efficient as possible, To our Hogs specifications.

To build these systems it is a major step up from the smaller units. Another scenario is we us 2 shipping containers to house the equipment 1/ For the impure water, diesel and the purified water, 2/ For the genset and diesel engine , the HOGS system and electrical distribution panel and plugs.

This proposal is 1/ Unit of 75-100 kva 2 shipping containers,1/ for 2000lt for dirty water and 1000litre for pure water , plus 1200 litres of diesel.The other for the diesel engine and generator, HOGS system and all electrical plugs on outside of container.

The 2nd unit would be the same but using a 100-150kva genset. the 2nd containers of this genset , would be the same but have a slightly larger HOGS system in it.

Again 3rd unit is a copy of previous be run a 150-175 kva genset, the 2nd container of this genset , would also be the same but still run a bigger HOGS system again.

Again solar and wind could be added as a supplement to reduce diesel use ??

But the 2nd container that holds the fuel , holds the dirty water, for hogs system would have the ability to produce and store 1000lt of purified water every 5 days. This would be available for drinking 24/7 ??

The cost of putting together this set up of 3 generators 3 hogs systems and in 6 shipping containers would be $771.000 us dollars.

If pumps are required they can quoted for.?

I would travel to Liberia to commission and train operators, for 3-4 weeks.

Liberian buyer and operators need to arrange shipping and transport from Australia to where you need to position units for operation .

Liberian operators would all so need to supply the fuel and fuel drums, plus water fill dirty water storage to start.


  1. Engine efficiency , with a reduction of at least 20% in fuel used by engines,
  2. Total running cost reduction of all most 30% when talking into consideration fuel, reduction, longer oil change intervals, longer engine life. over all lower maintenance and repairers.
  3. Other benefits up to 10%- 20% more torque from engines,
  4. The total elimination of DIESEL PARTICULATE . NO BLACK SOOT.


  1. Very important all valve clearances have been checked. because incorrect valve clearance will led to inefficient burning of fuel and engine failure and poor fuel economy.
  2. Tight valves will also lead to possible BACK FIRE situation from engines , this extremely unacceptable situation for a HOGS generating system.
  3. As we have found from 40plus years experience, most engines suffer from Tight valve clearances.
  4. Have engine oil changed at about time of installation.
  5. Engine oil treatment can be supplied and done at time of install. This make shore h2 does not affect engine metals.

These Numbers and actions are Relative to all engine


  1. Condition of engine e.g valves,pistons rings etc. ALL LOOK GOOD !!!
  2. Fuel system Diesel pump and injectors etc.
  3. Load of engine
  4. Operating conditions type of sea?
  5. Quality of water used in HOGS system?
  6. Drag in water weed on hull.
  7. Prop efficiency pitch or damage?
  8. Weather used in Wind ,Tide. etc.


EACH HOGS SYSTEM OF EACH PROPULSION ENGINES. would Be $34.000 installed or $68,000 for both.

EACH HOGS SYSTEM OF EACH GENSET ENGINE would be $15,000 installed or $30,000 for both.
if all built and installed at the same time .
if the systems were built and an stilled at separate times costs would rise by up to 15%

From time of order and 50% deposit paid Time to manufacture and assemble test run in work shop for 2 days our until happy with operation and gas delivery would be 10 to 12 weeks . Baring any unforeseen component deliver and test malfunction .
The 50% Balance of payment when we are ready to deliver and install to ship.
Than install to ship would take our 2 men 8 to 10 days, Than a 1 day sea trial .

Part of install, your company would have to supply a supervisor so men would have some to communicate with about and difficulties,
fuel warmers would be fitted to all engines, power shut down must be check on completion and power isolation.
Pro ma fuel treatment supplied for first tank fuel of fuel. Pro ma engine oil treatment supplied or slick 50 sullied for engine treatment,
Purified water check for HOGS system.
Train operators for safety and operation maintenance . What to check and what to watch for.
Safe use of Catalyse KOH . This is a powerful alkali.

We have Insurance to support any problems with faults or damage.