Welcome To H.O.G.S  Supplementary & Duo Fuel Systems

Hydrogen Oxygen Generating System )

Would you like your car, truck, 4WD, machinery or stationary motor to:

  • Produce more power?
  • Increase the burning efficiency ( burn all the fuel that you paid for? )
  • Produce less emissions?
  • Expel less carbon gases into the atmosphere?
  • Achieve greater fuel economy?
  • Engine life be much longer and a big reduction in engine repairs and maintenance and service costs. A guide in the reduction of costs is approx 50% or better. This saving is possibly much greater than any fuel saving. Then you might want to consider a HOGS system for your engines.
  • Burn on other gas with much lower carbon output when burnt.
  • TO use a much cheaper fuel as the end fuel with lower carbon output.

Then you might want to consider a HOGS system for your engines.

What is the HOGS and why should you be interested?

HOGS is Hydrogen Oxygen Generating System and is a supplementary system that adds hydrogen and oxygen to your fuel mix and the faster burning speed of the h2 does all of the above. LARGE $ SAVINGS.

Service Intervals

Engine service intervals can extended by up to 100%.

Life Extended

Engine life extended by at least up to 100%.

Cheaper Fuel

Reduce Fuel costs by up to 80%

Older Engines

Fuel saving on older model diesel and petrol & gas engines 25%-40%

Current Engines

Fuel saving on late model common rail diesel 10%-20% , or late model petrol gas engines up to 10%-25%